About Us

We Provide Financial Consulting Services for California Teachers and all District Employees

As the premier provider of retirement solutions to educators and public employees, California Teachers Retirement Services gives you the stable and reliable advice needed to assist you in taking control of your financial life, and then confidently pursue and achieve your goals for yourself, your loved ones and your legacy. The associates at CalTRS have a long-standing tradition of helping the employees of k-12 school districts, and other public institutions, to make and save money throughout every stage in life.

At CalTRS, our heritage and culture shapes who we are. It's no coincidence that the majority of our agents were once educators, administrators and support staff themselves. Some continue to serve their local school districts as members of school boards and parent-teacher organizations. We believe that connection is the engine that drives our success.

Our leadership consists of industry professionals with over fifty years of combined experience assisting public employees reach retirement successfully. In addition, we choose our field agents to leverage their existing knowledge, combined with extensive training to ensure they are properly equipped to accommodate your family's needs.

In this way, we provide the best service to our customers.



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